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Stress Reduction with Home Improvement0

I may not be a complete Type A personality, but little things get me angry.  For example, I hate fumbling in my pocket for a nail or screw, dropping it, then having to climb down a ladder to retrieve it.  This type of frustrating scenario is simply infuriates me.

That’s why I want one of these:


This stylish wristband is the MagnoGrip.  With the MagnoGrip there’s no more digging around in your pockets for nails, drill bits, screws, or other small metal items.  Instead, they can just stick to your wrist.  It’s like having a super power (though I personally think flying would be cooler).

In the MagnoGrip, heavy-duty canvas covers powerful magnets that are reportedly strong enough to hold a hammer—and that is something I’d like to see!  The band attaches to your wrist via industrial grade Velcro with a maximum circumference of 12”.

I wonder how heavy these things are.  Magnets aren’t known to be lightweight – maybe they double as a workout weights.  And if you’re into New Age remedies, the magnets might  cure any wrist aches you may have.  You won’t read that in any of the company literature, but you can say you heard it here first. 

by John Barker

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