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Mailbox Chic0

Be it cute, silly, or just plain ugly, a mailbox is a window to the homeowner’s personality.

Take this mailbox, for example:

 I think the message here is broadcast loud and clear.  I not only want to avoid this house, but  I also want to sing praises to the brave mailman for sticking his hand in the barrel to drop off the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes letter.

Then there’s this guy:

Either this homeowner is into bicycling or proctology – and really, I’m not sure which.  All I know is that the mailman had better wear a rubber glove for delivery.

The next mailbox isn’t in front of a home—but those of you who follow any of my blogs know what a Star Wars geek I am, so I couldn’t resist.

 It looks like R2 has suffered from a little bowel problem in this picture.

Lastly, I had to include the perfect mailbox for the Fix-It-Yourself offices: 



I, unfortunately, have just a plain old mailbox that won’t stay closed, has numbers falling off of it, and a flag that needs to be wedged with a stick to stand upright.

For more crazy mailboxes, check out All4YourFun and NewsPip.

by John Barker

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