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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Pet Power0

Bring Star Trek technology home . . . for your dog. What you’re looking at here is an electronic pet door, called the Power Pet.  But there’s a dog walking through it, so it’s kinda difficult to see the actual product.  It’s pretty cool – but it makes me wonder just how lazy pets are [...]

A Time to Celebrate Meats0

Memorial Day is a few days away. Do you want to be the only sucker on your block not enjoying a large side of beef? Home Depot is cooking up a tasty Memorial Day sale on grills. It’s actually not a sale – they are just lowering prices and keeping them there! So even if you [...]

Ceiling Saver0

When I was a kid, my Mom had a guy come over and run some cables through the attic of our house.  I could hear him bumping and scrambling through the network of beams and insulation, slowly inching across the ceiling of my bedroom toward the corner of the house. Then there was a crunching [...]

Butts in Bloom0

Form and function:  two elements of design that when melded properly can transform a piece of furniture from a utilitarian prop taking up space in a room to an elegant addition to your decor.  With that in mind, I pose this question: Do you want to feel like an ant?  If so, plant your butt in [...]

Tools – Then and Now0

After years of studying, I’m convinced that tools were originally designed to chop off various parts of the body. If used properly, only fingers would go. However, if Dumbass Jimmy (or James Sharlborough of the Bloated Belly, as his doppelganger was known during the Dark Ages) decided to tie one on, maybe a leg or [...]

Weed Killer from the Kitchen0

Growing up in the South has some unique perks, one of which is corn meal. Corn meal shows up in all kinds of foods such as grits, tortilla chips, and corn bread.  If you’re not familiar with the stuff, look it up.  And then make some grits with cheese, butter, and lots of black pepper. Serve [...]

It’s a Carpet! It’s a Chair! It’s . . .0

For some reason I find that sitting on the floor is sometimes far more comfortable than sinking into a couch.  Maybe it’s because I have some back problems, but there’s just something about the hard floor that feels relaxing—at least for a while. That’s why this thing got me a little excited:   This is [...]

Safety is My Primary Concern0

Want to know what happens when you cross a van moving at 35 miles-per-hour with a construction guy using a bulldozer to remove a metal guardrail? This:   That’s my van. And this, used without proper safety measures, is the instrument of my van’s destruction: Okay, so the bulldozer involved in my accident was a [...]

CSN Seeks Bad Bathrooms0

Sprucing up the bathroom is a chore we all avoid. Now that sloth could score you a $10,000 makeover. CSN Stores just announced the Green and Clean Bathroom Bailout. The promotion will award the makeover grand prize to the person with the crappiest bathroom (no pun intended). Instead of hair in the sink and ratty [...]

Desperation AC0

I grew up in Florida where 90 degrees was a cool day and most of your cars had crankable air conditioning, and by that I mean crank the window down and drive a little faster.   You begin to appreciate the innovation ways people manage to stay cool.  I wish I had thought of a few of these [...]

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