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Here Comes the Sun0

Summer is just around the corner, and for someone like me – who lives in Florida -  that means insane heat.  So, with the air conditioning in my van broken, I’m going to relish every moment of cool air when I’m in indoors, since know I’m going to be a big, sweaty blob when I’m outside.

One way to keep the inside of your house cool is an attic fan.   However, when an attic fan works overtime, the $ footprint on your electric bill can get ugly.

So why not put up the bucks on the front side, let the sunny days pay a little of their own rent, then sit back and enjoy the benefits of a comfortable home.

U.S. Sunlight Corporation has developed a fan that runs on solar power. And this sucker is built to last.  A commercial grade solar panel is encased in a 20 gauge steel housing, which sits atop a high impact ABS fan shroud.  With all of that armor, you can bet this fan is resistant to high wind, hail, and other adverse weather conditions.

So, after the initial expenditure, you have a fan that not only reduces heat in you attic during the summer, it also rids the attic of moisture during the winter.  All of that with no expense added to your electric bill.  And while the initial outlay is a little steep ($449.00), it pays off in the long run.

by John Barker

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