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Man Cave Chic0

I have found the quintessential element for a Man Cave – a  man cave of any theme.  My addition embodies gusto, a devil-may-care attitude, and with luck, comfort.  It is something that I deem important when preparing to view a 55-inch wide screen HDTV, something that asserts authority and dignity—with a little cheeziness thrown in for luck.

Presenting: the  James T. Kirk’s Captain’s Chair from the original U.S.S. Enterprise.

Sporting a hefty weight of 215 pounds and measuring 41-inches tall x 42-inches wide x 39-inches deep, this chair isn’t for wimps.  Hell, just getting it into the house is a chore best left to a gang of pissed-off Klingons!

The chair swivels (of course—what good Captain’s Chair wouldn’t?) and is made of wood with a leather seat cover.  The armrest buttons include:

*Shuttle operation controls;

*View-screen activation;

*Red and yellow Alert;

*Jettison pod; and

*Various audio clips from the show.

There is no indication that the “View-screen activation” would actually interact with a giant HDTV, and the rest of the buttons seem more for fun than function.

If they were real, I’d be terrified to find out what happens when you hit the  “Jettison pod” button.  All I can imagine is my van launching out into the street at 60 mph.  Gah!

The production of this chair is limited to 1701 (get it?) pieces.  And to get it, you’ll be voyaging where few wallets have gone before for a chair -  $3000!

Egad!  You could get quite a bit of Romulan Ale for that kind of cash.  But then, where would you sit to drink it?

by John Barker

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