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While always handy, some multi-tools are just plain bulky – which makes sense, really, when an entire toolbox is jammed into a carrying handle the size of a pocketknife.

Not so with the Utili-Key.



At only 2 ¾” X ¾” X 1/8” and weighing in at just half an ounce, the Utili-Key is touted as the lightest, most compact multi-tool available.  This tiny key-like apparatus contains a semi-serrated knife blade, a bottle opener, and three types of screwdriver (eyeglass, flat, and Phillips).


The Utili-Key can be snapped open at 90 degrees or can be opened up fully, depending on the job you need done.  And, made of 420 solid stainless steel, it should last quite a while.  If something breaks (which is unlikely—but we all know how things go with small, metal tools), the Utili-Key is covered by a lifetime warranty.

While you won’t find a magnifying glass, tweezers, scissors (which surprises me, actually), or a toothpick on this little whopper, it offers enough for its size to fix a lot of  things when you’re… um… in a fix.

The sweetest aspect about this little tool is that it snaps right onto your key ring—and looks just like a regular key.  The easiest to carry multi-tool I’ve encountered yet!

by John Barker

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