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LED Stair Lights0

I have an inner ear problem that makes me somewhat unsteady when it comes to balance.  Walking a beam is not my forte, nor is navigating a flight of stairs in the dark —particularly going down.


I think designer Edo Kriegsmann had me in mind when he whipped up pressure sensitive stairsthat light up as you walk on them.  Each step triggers the next in a series of LEDs that line the staircase and light up and shut down as you move down the stairs.  The sequential design makes these stairs as elegant as they are functional.   

I imagine that you can change the color scheme on the stairs, making them more of an integral design component than a flashy item to show your friends. They would also go nicely with the Meritalia glowing furniture

I like this idea!  I just wish that Kriegsmann had posted some schematics of the design—or had at least included a video walk through of installation—so I could do this myself. 

Not that I live in a two-story home… but I tend to trip over the doorstep quite a bit.

by John Barker

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