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Smokin’ Hot0

Okay, what you’re about to see isn’t a home-improvement topic.  But it is environmentally friendly—even though it’s also insanely disgusting at first glance.  Bear with me.


That hat is made of discarded cigarette butts.

Hang on for a sec.  I just puked.

When I think of cigarette butts I think of this:

 Which makes me think of this:

Not this:

Designer Alexandra Guerrero and her company Mantis combine purified cigarette butts (10%) with natural sheep wool to create clothing.

I’m hoping that purified doesn’t mean that they’ve got some little old guy chained to a wall hot-boxin’ cartons of smokes, then dropping the butts in bleach.  I’m sure it doesn’t—but my imagination gets away from me sometimes . . .

While I can’t quite wrap my noggin around wearing something made of cigarette butts, I have to applaud Guerrero’s initiative.  According to an interview on GreenMuze, Guerrero collected 5000 butts to make just five items of clothing.  Her back really must hurt from picking up all of those butts.

You can find the rest of the interview here.  It’s worth checking out—if only to see how now bizarre ideas can turn something so nasty into art.   Remember this?   

Hmmm . . .bizarre ideas.  Many a home improvement project starts the same way.  Are you inspired to follow suit? 

Suit.  Get it?  Yeah, I know it was bad… but it’s been a long day.

by John Barker

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