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EZ Leaf Hauler = Big Giant Dustpan0

I just got a gander at the EZ Leaf Hauler, a tarp that looks more like a giant dustpan. It’s designed to haul leaves into the street or a neighbor’s yard. I  don’t really care where you put them.  This  thing is super cool and probably has infinite uses that people aren’t tapping into.


Messy playroom? Rake the kids’ toys into the EZ Leaf Hauler and drag them into the closet or the trash—your choice. The perfect cleanup pal for that big summer barbecue, EZ Hauler could also be a good place for partygoers to throw bottles and cans. Then, you can easily haul them to recycling later. In the winter, you can pull the kids around in the snow. See? There should be one of these in every home.


According to parent company Monahan Products, this thing can haul five wheelbarrows’ worth of yard debris. I’m not entirely sure about the weight restrictions on the EZ Leaf Hauler, but it’s made from rugged woven polyester, sort of like a tent, with reinforced pockets and stitched handles. The company says it’s received the thumbs up from the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. It’s also easy to wrap up and store when you aren’t hauling stuff just because you can.

Sold at select Home Depot sores, Do It Best, and other hardware stores nationwide, the EZ Leaf Hauler comes in two sizes. For 35 square feet of surface area, expect to pay $34.99. For $5 cheaper, you’ll get 24 square feet.

 by Rachel Cericola

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