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Serious Safety0

Normally I try to find the humor in any situation.  But when it comes to electrical safety, I’m having a hard time.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been zapped so hard by a theater light (a can for you theater and film folks out there) that I flew roughly 15 feet across a room and woke up 15 minutes later.  At least that’s what my friends saw.  I don’t remember anything but a fuzzy feeling—then waking up with a bunch of people staring down at me like I was some sort of lab experiment.

These videos show just how scary electricity can be.


That’s no small zap – that’s a frickin’ explosion!

Electricity can also do its share to weed out stupid from the gene pool.

Okay. I lied about not being able to find humor in electrical safety.  It’s impossible for me to say serious for too long.  Take these guys, for example:

Yeah.  I’m an asshole.  I’m sooooooo guilty of doing that same bit…

I’m going to leave you with a video showing how electrical engineers cook hot dogs:

Pass the mustard and slaw.  1.5 Amps for 60 seconds apparently makes for one fine dog.

by John Barker

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