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Dinner for Couch Potatoes0

Is moving your dinner from the kitchen to the dining room table too much exertion after the strain of cooking the meal?   

Are you a fan of dinner in front of the TV?   

If your answer is yes to either of these questions, the CookIn Table by Young Chan Choo, may be for you.  Go ahead – take your kitchen to the living room.

Designed to encourage family time, the table features low-to-the-floor Asian design.  And with a cooking surface right in the middle of the table, the whole family can be involved in meal preparation (though I’m not sure if that’s a good idea). 

Beneath the glass top are four shelves that pull out for extra space—ideal for extra serving space during a meal if less than four people are attending.  Four drawers are also provided in the table’s base to store utensils.  Lastly, the bottom of the table can be removed to reveal even more storage space.

But the true highlight of this table is the cook top.  Utilizing induction cooking (a cooking method that heats cookware via magnetic energy), the cook top heats up only when exposed to a metal objects.

I find this to be an interesting design that combines form and function—but I have a few reservations.  Shelves, drawers, storage, cooking element – it seems like a bit too much.  With all those moving parts, something is sure to break. 

But it is quite attractive—and I think it serves the purpose of providing a unified area for people to gather.  As long as they can stand up from the floor after the meal.  My knees aren’t what they used to be.

by John Barker

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