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People who like a well-lit room . . .0

. . . might find this item handy:



Get it?  Handy?  I’m here all week!  Try the roast beef!  And don’t forget to tip your waiter!

This lamp base from is tacky, to say the least.  It measures 5.6 inches (14cm)  x 4.6 inches (11.5cm), making it pretty much the same size as a real hand holding something that looks like an instrument of murder from an Agatha Christie novel.


I suppose that this would look right at home in a .  .  . Well, hell.  I’m having a hard time thinking of anywhere that this would look right at home.  

(Ten minutes later.)

Maybe a store for left-handers, as it is a left hand?  Or Mike Tyson’s house?  That’s all I got.

The lamp is listed as “Designer Lamp.”  Not a very descriptive name.  Maybe there’s something lost in the translation from Japanese.  Maybe the true name is something like Shining Fist or Knuckle of Brilliance.

At around $15, it’s a bargain – if you feel that an item like this can ever be a bargain. I think it would be  a fine companion to those other must-have decor items such a lava lamp, a hula dancing bobble-head doll, and a fake ice cube with a fly in it.  Oh, yeah -  and a puddle of fake vomit!

Can’t forget the fake vomit.  Always gets a laugh.

by John Barker

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