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Weed Killer from the Kitchen0

Growing up in the South has some unique perks, one of which is corn meal. Corn meal shows up in all kinds of foods such as grits, tortilla chips, and corn bread.  If you’re not familiar with the stuff, look it up.  And then make some grits with cheese, butter, and lots of black pepper. Serve with fried fish or shrimp.  You’ll thank me.

The nasty looking white stuff in the bowl?  That’s grits.

I grew up on this stuff (and no, I’ve not eaten possum—yet).  What I didn’t know is that cornmeal is also a weed killer.

Apparently the gluten in corn meal inhibits seed root formation - a sort of morning after pill for weeds. 

What I’m trying to say is that weeds won’t grow wherever you spread corn meal.  Known generally as CGM, corn meal gluten should be applied in early spring – before  combining with cheese, eggs, or jalapeno peppers. 

While ineffective on large seed weeds, CGM is an ecologically safe way to tackle weed growth in your yard.  It should not, however, be applied in drainage areas due to the high concentration of nitrogen produced. 

For a less dietary analysis of corn meal as a weed killer, head on over to Wikipedia.

by John Barker


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