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Butts in Bloom0

Form and function:  two elements of design that when melded properly can transform a piece of furniture from a utilitarian prop taking up space in a room to an elegant addition to your decor. 

With that in mind, I pose this question: Do you want to feel like an ant?  If so, plant your butt in this chair:

This is the Bloom easy chair by Kenneth Cobonpue.  Made of microfiber stitched onto a resin and steel base, this chair is designed to emulate a flower blossom.

The leafy effect is achieved by radiating the stitching out from the center of the seat. The result is the visual equivalent of a leaf, with the accompanying texture.

 The Bloom chair comes in four colors: moss green, light green, yellow, and red.

Combine this chair with items such as the Living Bath Mat, a couple of indoor fountains, and a few organic glass sculptures and you might feel like you are living in a peaceful nature preserve. 

And you’d better really like it.  The chair is $2,500.  That’s quite a bit of green to spend on a giant leaf to plop your fanny in.

At least you don’t have to water it . . .

by John Barker

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