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Ceiling Saver0

When I was a kid, my Mom had a guy come over and run some cables through the attic of our house.  I could hear him bumping and scrambling through the network of beams and insulation, slowly inching across the ceiling of my bedroom toward the corner of the house.

Then there was a crunching sound, followed by a muffled, “Oh, s**t.”  Then his arm shot through the ceiling of my room.  Wedged up to the shoulder, the arm twitched and flailed for a few seconds, then disappeared back into the attic, leaving a nice, jagged hole.

I suspect that if this nifty gadget had been around back then, the cable guy’s accident could have been avoided:

This is the Ceiling Saver.  When unfolded, this little device creates a nice 12″ x 48″ working platform designed to protect ceilings from mislaid hands, feet, knees, arms, tools, and other items.  Made of high-impact, textured plastic, it can support up to 250 pounds.  The bottom consists of grooves (2 1/2 inches deep) designed to rest firmly on most rafters spaced at 24 inches.

Magnetic areas on the platform secure items such as loose screws or nails.   This, to me, is a big plus.  I hate digging around in insulation – itchy, nasty stuff.



When folded, the Ceiling Saver is lightweight and easy enough to carry right up into the attic.

Billy Carmen of reported on this item at the 2009 National Hardware Show:

I like it!  And I want one!  I have no intention of falling through my ceiling anytime soon.  And at $69.99, this looks like a bargain!

by John Barker

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