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Monthly Archives: June 2010


Yukiko Tanaka attributes his creation of the Plable to childhood memories of stickers under the dinner table.  But I have to believe that a shrieking toddler was also involved when he dreamed up his slighly odd and slighly wonderful dinnertime distraction. First, let me be clear:  I don’t have any kids at the moment—but I do have quite a bit of [...]

Another Kind of Home Theater0

I have simple dreams, really:   flying cars,  winning the lottery (not the Shirley Jackson kind),  holographic live-action gaming.  Things like that. Toolin’ around online today, I discovered a dream I didn’t even know I had -  a Jacuzzi tub with a DVD player and a rack to hold a bottle of bubbly. I mean, really. . . [...]

Green Home Dream Home0

Tonight at 8 pm EST,  the winner of the HGTV Green Home Giveaway will be revealed in a special show.  I  wonder how that really works.  They show the winner all surprised at the door, but I don’t think it’s live.  It can’t be.  What if you’re not home when they come to call?   So, I guess if I haven’t heard [...]

Tools of Star Trek0

  Last night,  I was watching  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and a guy in the Enterprise’s engineering section walked by carrying odd looking tool.  It sort of looked like a drill, but where the bit would be there was a long, beveled stick of glass. This got me to wondering what kinds of [...]

Super Shovel0

Forget your Swiss Army Knife.  This shovel is all that you’ll ever need to do . . .  well, pretty much anything. Holy crap!  I wonder if it’ll tuck me into bed and give me sweet, gentle kisses at night. This is the kind of tool that guys drool over – a manly multi-tasker that can [...]

Reading in the Round2

While I’m not sure how practical this circular bookshelf would be, it looks like it holds quite a selection of texts. It is part of The Archive Series, designed by David Garcia as an exploration of space and books with a goal of muddying the line between form and function.  As such, this shelf is [...]

Construction Robots0

Why pay a person to do a robot’s job? In Tokyo, Japan construction sites utilize human-like robots to wave traffic and pedestrians away from potential danger. Is it me, or is that thing just plain creepy? There are various permutations of the robot flagman, including this more cartoony version: Cute, yeah?   He looks far [...]

Kitchen Sweets0

What’s a must have item for any fine kitchen?  Star Wars Cookie Cutters - that’s what! Okay.  Not really.  Finishing a fine kitchen usually involves something along the lines of hooking up the 5 burner convection oven, or (in my case) installing a breakfast nook. But cookies are proven to boost the morale of any hard working [...]

Art? Garbage?0

You’ve probably all seen the soup can as art.  And probably some of you know about sand castle art, but can we talk for a minute about garbage bag art?   Tokyo-based MAQ, Inc. is  promoting the Garbage Bag Art Work Project featuring their very own decorative garbage bags. The idea is simple—and pleasing, in an odd way.  Instead [...]

Summertime. . .0

. . . and the living is easy.  On this very day of the summer solstice (and did I mention – it’s my birthday!),  I spent a little time imaging what it would be like to have a swimming pool in backyard.   How about this one?   Be still my heart.  You know those people who get presents [...]

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