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Steampunk is  “a genre of science fiction set in Victorian times when steam was the main source of machine power . . .” 

I’m a fan of  Steampunk.  Sure, as a science fiction setting, it’s not practical.  But it is very cool looking.

Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum of Sharon, Massachusetts have taken their Steampunk love to an extreme by transforming their modern Victorian home into a functional Steampunk environment .

On the outside, everything looks fairly normal:

But among the oddities you’ll find inside are:

a re-plated Nickel Victorian Stove,

a retrofitted mantel to hold a big-screen TV (DVD player and other hardware are hidden behind the door on the bottom);

and a stylish telephone, complete with old-style bells.

Other items following the Steampunk theme include an antique printer’s bench (retrofitted into a kitchen counter), a copper water heater, stylized doors and light switches, and much more.

I really love the look of this house—and I find it kind of scary.  Take the phone, for instance.  If there were an emergency, my fingers would get all tangled up just trying to dial “911.”  And the oven just screams “I’m gonna burn the hell outta your arms!”

Still,  it does get me in the mood for some summer reading.

by John Barker

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