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5 Funky Grills0

No matter where you go this weekend, expect the waft of meat to fill the air. It’s practically summer, which means potato salad, bottomless bowls of chips, watermelon, ice cream – you get the picture. 

Even if you are just planning to throw a few steaks or burgers on the coals, it’s time to start thinking big.  Home Depot has announced plans to slash prices and this may be the time to  kick things up a notch. Here are five unconventional, funky grills to help launch  one killer BBQ season . . .


The Freedom Grill FG-100Celebrate your freedom by busting out grilling options wherever you roam. This grill mounts to any 2-inch hitch on a SUV, pickup or RV, so it doesn’t take up any precious cargo space. That means more room for your freeloading buddies! Once you get to your final destination, swing out the grill and start sizzling.


The CarBQ:  Despite being part car, this grill isn’t all that mobile. Instead, it’s mammoth, incorporating the full size front end of a classic British mini. Running off a standard gas cylinder, this tasty ride is hand-built and comes with options including working lights, stereos, and almost anything else you want in a CarBQ.


BBQ Shed TrailerIt may cost $25,000, but this grill space pays double in deliciousness. Of course, at that price, this BBQ may have to double as your living space. That’s cool, though. Each trailer comes with two sliding windows, storage areas, a fridge, sinks, stereo speakers and air conditioning.


Baby Carriage Pit: When you go in for a big baby smooch, you’ll get a snootful of steak, chicken, corn and other grilled goodies. Klose converted this old English carriage into one sweet smoker. Sadly, this one is a bit of a tease, since it’s not commercially available. However, the company does make other unique grills, which you can check out in their 350-page catalog.


George Foreman USB iGrill :  Have to work this weekend? That’s no excuse to miss out on grilled goodies. This geeky version of the popular George Foreman grill hooks to your computer’s USB port, downloads recipes, and calculates the perfect cooking times.

 by Rachel Cericola

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