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Size Matters0

The vehicles you are about to see fit into the category of “I’ll never be able to drive one of these things, but they sure are cool.” 

I’m talkin’ the big trucks, my friends.  Not those tiny semi-rigs, but the big-boys.  These are the vehicles that look at home in science fiction films.

First up, we have the Big Bud 747, a gigantic tractor manufactured by (you guessed it) Big Bud in Havre, Montana.  Weighing in at 51 tons and sporting a 2 stroke Detroit Diesel with 16 cylinders, this sucker is a little bit larger than your average riding mower.


Most of us have seen this next example on TV— the Caterpillar 797B.  With a payload capacity at 380 short tons, this truck is primarily used in mining operations—so don’t be worried about it dumping a mountain of sand on your front lawn.

While I wouldn’t classify this next example as a “World’s Longest,” I can safely say that it would more than startle me on the highway:

It’s becoming apparent that construction/transport vehicles are simply becoming larger to meet growing demand.  It’s inevitable that something like this will happen:

Yeah, yeah.  I know it’s fake.  It looks almost as if a “man-in-suit” Godzilla is gonna stomp through the video.  But you get the point.

To drive it home a little further, here is a video of the world’s largest machine—ever: The V Cat D8R.

Holy s**t!  If robots sent from the future to destroy mankind ever get their hands on this sucker, we’re screwed!

by John Barker

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