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Tools – Then and Now0

At one point in my life, I was a chef.  I suppose I still am, though no longer in a professional capacity.  We definitely eat well at home.

I only mention this because kitchen gadgets are something of an obsession with me.  I have all sorts of items, ranging from a vacuum sealer to a juicer with the scariest blade I’ve ever seen.

But my obsession has a limit: the gadgets must at least be functional.  In other words, I’m not into collecting kitchen tools to put them on display.

Some people, apparently, feel differently. 

This is a hand-forged food chopper.  I can’t find any information on the specific year it was made, but I’m sure it looked a lot better in its day.

Today most manual food choppers consist of a little container with a crank handle on top, such as this little model from Tupperware.

Something tells me that this newer model, made primarily of plastic, won’t be around to put on display in 50 years.  And while I have no desire to ever use an antiquated food chopper, I can’t help but appreciate the workmanship of the antique.  Even rusty and chipped, the older tool looks like it would feel good in the hand – and with some serious cleaning -  make a mean egg salad. 

by John Barker

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