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Demolition Robot0

While I find myself growing more and more afraid of a Robot Apocalypse—like in the Terminator movies—I can’t help but find machines like this to be very cool:

This is the Husqvarna DXR 310, and while I doubt it will ever be manufactured for home-use, it is definitely a robot that demands attention (and a bit of respect).

The specs are all there in the video.  But they don’t matter.  What’s important is that this thing can be used to destroy s**t with a remote control!

The DXR 310 is designed to work in hard-to-reach and dangerous areas.  It’s low height and relatively narrow width allows it to pass through most doors on its sturdy treads.  The arm can use a wide range of attachments including claws and jackhammers.

It’s a man’s dream toy!  And while it’s nowhere near the size of a wrecking ball (another dream toy), it looks pretty damned efficient when it comes to pummeling things.

Part of me wonders if it transforms into a Camero or something.  Another part of me wants to see this used in a James Bond movie.

But I mostly just want it all to myself . . .

by John Barker

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