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Grip and Switch0

Most remodeling jobs (particularly the kitchen, I’ve found), require messing around with the wiring.  Electric outlets are never where you really want them to be, and so you’ll find yourself running wires and mounting new sockets and such – which can be dangerous business. 

That’s why when I see little gadgets like the PlugGrip and the SwitchGrip, I want to pass along the info.

The PlugGrip has a safety handle that gives you leverage to push against stiff electrical wires.  If you’ve ever replaced an outlet, you’ll know what a huge benefit it is to not only get the wires out of the way, but also make it easier to screw the outlet into the wall.  The PlugGrip also has an indicator light to warn you if any of your wiring is “hot.”

The SwitchGrip works in a similar manner as an aid for installing light switches (15, 20, or 30 amp, single pole, or 3-way).  In this case, a buzzer accompanies the warning light.  That should get your attention!

The SwitchGrip also contains a wire stripper and bender, making it quite a nifty wiring multi-tool.

I wish I’d had a couple of these when working on my kitchen a few years back.  Pushing back wires and holding the outlets steady while juggling a screwdriver just plain sucks.  These little gadgets would’ve come in handy.

by John Barker

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