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Many people don’t know how to feed their roaches properly.  Just look at those little guys above—pigging out on that delicious loaf of bread.  And what do you get when you feed roaches a whole loaf of bread?  Fat roaches, that’s what.

In the interest of combating roach obesity throughout the world, I jumped online to find something for our six-legged friends to eat that wouldn’t carry complex carbohydrates.

And find it I did.  Not only is it tasty to our fine insect buddies, but it’s also non-toxic to all of those extraneous annoyances such as children and pets.

Here’s the recipe, compliments of the fine folks at WikiHow:

*One part Boric Acid (Yummy!)

*One part white flour (Because our little buddies love bread!)

*One part granulated white sugar (Candy, anyone?)

Not too difficult, eh?  No massive culinary skills needed .  According to WikiHow, this tasty combo should be served up in the backs of drawers and cabinets as well as beneath kitchen appliances.

I’m all for it.

Because killing roaches definitely keeps them from becoming obese, right?

by John Barker

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