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Home Service Offering Water Service0

A company called Home Service is offering a product called Water Service. Sounds pretty straight up, eh?

According to the Home Service website, the company is in the business of emergency repairs. Now they are extending that offer to the water line at your house.

In case you didn’t know, YOU are responsible for the line that typically starts at the curb and brings fresh water into your home.  In other words, if soil changes, if the line is old, or if C.H.U.D.s. are out in full force – it’s on your dime. However, Home Service can take care of that hassle, as well as the hassle of the expense of unexpected repairs.

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“Emergencies do happen and unfortunately, there’s very little someone can do to prepare for them,” says Jonathan King, Home Service CEO. “Rather than having to scramble and pay thousands of dollars in the midst of a home emergency, Home Service takes care of the legwork from start to finish.”

Until now, Home Service partnered with homeowners exclusively via utility companies. Now select areas (Connecticut, Oklahoma, Colorado, South Carolina, Arizona, Michigan, Illinois, and Missouri) can contact them directly and cut out the middleman. They will start offering the Water Service Line Protection Plan via a direct-mail campaign. Sign up, pay a low monthly fee, and you’ll have access to  24-hour emergency services.

by Rachel Cericola

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