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Not Just For Making Coffee0

Still battling weeds in the garden?  Even after you tried our last dandy trick?  Here’s one more little known weapon to have in your arsenal – direct  from the kitchen faucet with a quick stop on the stove top.

That’s right—boiling water is an excellent weed killer.  And why not?  It’s freakin’ boiling!

This method of weed killing is sort of like saturation bombing.  Boiling water will pretty much kill any plant it comes into contact with by cooking it.  This method is great when dealing with areas clogged by weeds or in driveways.

With just a little extra care, boiling water can also be used in areas with plenty of plant growth.  I would recommend using a container with a handle and pouring spout—like a tea kettle.  This not only allows for reasonably precise aim, but also minimizes the risks of burning yourself while waging your war on weeds.

It you decide on the targeted attack method, be careful about collateral damage if you come too close to the plants you want to keep alive.  Even if you don’t hit the plant itself, boiling water has a tendency to soak into the ground, killing the roots.

Aside from low cost, boiling water is essentially non-toxic to your pets and children (at least after it cools) and ecologically friendly.

This weekend, pull out the secret weapon.  Your weeds will be sorry.

by John Barker

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