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Art? Garbage?0

You’ve probably all seen the soup can as art.  And probably some of you know about sand castle art, but can we talk for a minute about garbage bag art?


Tokyo-based MAQ, Inc. is  promoting the Garbage Bag Art Work Project featuring their very own decorative garbage bags.

The idea is simple—and pleasing, in an odd way.  Instead of being littered with piles of nondescript plastic bags, garbage pick-up sites are being turned into areas of temporary artistic expression.

Garbage bags manufactured by MAQ are imprinted with a variety of images inspired by nature:


Other prints include various animals (some realistically depicted, others extremely abstract), company logos, and a certain Sesame Street character who lives in a garbage can.

As strange as this project sounds, I think it’s great in concept.  It’s the execution that I find lacking.  While these garbage bags are definitely more pleasing to the eye than the usual black bags, I think it’s a stretch to call the end result “art,” even if they are stacked in an eye-catching pattern.

My opinion of  decorative trash bags hasn’t changed.  They’re still bags of GARBAGE.

Then again, the Garbage Bag Art Work Project seems geared more for kids.  And you have to admit that the little bunny garbage bag is too cute…

by John Barker

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