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What’s a must have item for any fine kitchen? 

Star Wars Cookie Cutters - that’s what!

Okay.  Not really.  Finishing a fine kitchen usually involves something along the lines of hooking up the 5 burner convection oven, or (in my case) installing a breakfast nook.

But cookies are proven to boost the morale of any hard working FIYer!  Tell me these don’t look delicious:

While it may require the skills of Picasso to decorate these yummy looking treats, the making and baking certainly can’t be any more difficult than regular cookies.  And even though three of the cookies are bad guys, something tells me The Force would be with you when it comes to baking up goodness.

Available exclusively from Williams-Sonoma, these cutters come in four shapes (in case you don’t recognize them):  Boba Fett, Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper, and Yoda.  Each cutter is spring-loaded to allow a clean stamping of the cookie dough—simply press down to create the edges then press the stamp to make the faces.

While I am quite a good cook, I’m definitely no baker.  If you’re like me and the cookies come out tasting like bantha poodoo, then you can simply toss them into the R2-D2 trash can.

Or do what I do: eat them anyway.

by John Barker

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