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Yukiko Tanaka attributes his creation of the Plable to childhood memories of stickers under the dinner table.  But I have to believe that a shrieking toddler was also involved when he dreamed up his slighly odd and slighly wonderful dinnertime distraction.

First, let me be clear:  I don’t have any kids at the moment—but I do have quite a bit of experience through family and friends.  So, I feel confident saying I don’t find a baby with a bowl of spaghetti spilling down his/her face to be remotely funny—just the opposite in fact; it’s disgusting. 

I can also say that the tooth-popping shrieks that come out of some 2-year-olds make me want to put a bullet through my head – or my groin, whichever will more likely assure that I’m never responsible for taming such a beast. . .

OK. I know that’s a bit harsh.  Let’s just say that babies can be annoying at the dinner table.  They’re . . . well, they’re babies.  And they need attention, or they get loud.

So, the idea here is to stick the kids under the table and give them something to do.  Feed your faces on the top of the Plable and feed the imagination on the bottom.   


 The photos don’t really do this thing justice, but this video gets closer. 

Pretty self-explanatory, eh?

What I admire about Yumiko Tanaka is that he actually included a video log of how he designed and made the table:

EMBED: While I’m all for anything that keeps a child entertained (and quiet) during mealtime, I’m sort’a torn on the Plable.  I mean, the kid’s under the table, right?  Somebody’s gonna kick him/her in the noggin.  And then all of the noise starts right back up again…

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