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Can There Ever Be Enough?0

Once you’ve decorated the nursery, baked cookies, and fixed a leaky pipe in the style of Captain Kirk, I know you’ll want to store some stuff in a wooden replica of a tank from a galaxy far, far away.   You do, right? 

While not large enough to hold a platoon of stormtroopers, this AT-AT storage unit can hide cables and other items in a stylish, geeky sort of way.

This Chinese-manufactured homage to the All-Terrain-Armored-Transport vehicles from the Star Wars films is comprised of several interconnecting wooden pieces—sort of like those little puzzles of dinosaurs that you find in the kiddy section of a book store.  They look a bit incomplete without a paint job.  I’d get out some pictures from the movies and add some detail – including battle scars.

It’s a little difficult to tell the size of the AT-AT from the pictures, but it appears to me like something that would fit nicely beside (or even on top of) a desk.  The body looks to be the perfect size to house a surge protector, while the head can be used for related items such as connectors, spare cable, or small tools.

My Chinese is a little rusty, but with the help of a currency converter I calculated the cost of this item at just over $8.00 US.  That’s without shipping, of course.  And with the taxes on hyperspace routes running so high these days, shipping may cost more than the AT-AT itself . . .

by John Barker

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