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Cyclone Season0

Ya know stores put out Christmas stuff in August?  Well, since July 4th is over, it’s time to start thinking about raking leaves. 

I live in Florida, the state of intense heat and ridiculous amounts of rain (don’t believe all the hype—it rains A LOT here—the whole “Sunshine State” thing is a marketing ploy). Lots of rain means things growing, and I have plenty of memories from my youth when it comes to raking leaves and pine needles.

I HATE raking.  Pure and simple.  No better way to say it.  Oh, wait.  Yes there is.  When it comes to raking anything, I feel:







Yep.  Bobo got himself a Thesaurus.

I put the activity of raking right up there with eating the contents of a litter box—including the litter.

Okay, now that we’re clear about how much I love raking, we can move on to the point: The Cyclone Rake.

This thing is exactly what I needed so many years ago.  It’s not the riding mower; it’s the thing connected to the riding mower.

The Cyclone Rake uses a couple of high-tech systems –  the JetPath®, and the Miracle Impeller –  to efficiently suck and mulch whatever leafy objects are in your lawn.  It is designed to empty easily and be convenient to store as well.

This guy (who seems really nice, actually.  I’d like to have beers with him.), does a great job of detailing the Cyclone Rake’s features—and goes into depth about the various models as well:

If you want to learn more, go here for an in-depth look at The Cyclone Rake.

by John Barker

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