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Like Oil and Water0

My girlfriend and I were flicking through the channels one night recently and stumbled on Myth Busters.  We watch it on occasion, envying those guys for having one of the best jobs on the planet (though I’d love Anthony Bourdain’s jet-setting-eating-all-over-the-world-and-being-cool-and-snarky-at-the-same-time job even more.)

The Myth Busters blow stuff up.  A lot.  I would be surprised if anythings exists which they haven’t vaporized in a fiery conflagration.

But I have to give the Myth Busters props for scaring the sh*t out of me the other night with a demonstration of exactly how volatile oil and water can be.  Not something Bourdain’s show would even approach.

Those of us who cook know that putting out a grease fire with water is a big “no-no.”   This video clip will convince any skeptics and remind anyone who’s orgotten to have either a big basket of flour (because flour sucks up the grease/oil) or a fire extinguisher near your stovetop.

These guys prove (at the 4:45 mark) that a 20+ foot tall flame can come from a pan of boiling oil and 8 ounces of water:

I strongly urge all home cooks (well, pretty much ALL cooks) to watch this whole series of videos

Go here and here for other fire safety tips from your good friends at Fix It Yourself.  

by John Barker

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