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Which is Scarier?0

I’ve been scared of chainsaws ever since I almost took off my leg while clearing some hurricane debris around my house.  It’s the kind of fear I’d like to think is totally illogical, but then again, there are those times. . . . It’s  sort of like my fear of sharks, thanks to watching Jaws so many times (and having a close encounter with one while swimming in the ocean as a teen).

But there ya go.  To me,  a chainsaw attack is the same as a shark attack.

However, my ridiculous character flaw didn’t keep me from getting all excited about this little tool:


This is the Top Saw Pocket Wrench, a multi-tool designed specifically for chainsaw maintenance.  It contains a variety of different tools, including:

  •  a large screwdriver;
  • a T27 Torx (for chainsaw bolts);
  • a small screwdriver (for fuel and oil adjustment);
  • 16mm and 19mm deep socket wrenches (for spark plug replacement); and
  • a 4mm Allen Wrench (specifically for Echo and Husqvarna saws)

The most specialized element for chainsaw maintenance rests in the socket wrench: a set of holes designed to hold a file to sharpen your blade.

That’s a lot of hardware in a tool that’s only 4 ½” long!

After three years of testing, the Patent is pending on this little device.  I hope it’s on the market before there’s a remake of Jaws.

by John Barker

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