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Babs Sings About Interior Design0

We know it’s fairly easy for a celebrity to get a book deal. However, this might be completely ridiculous. Barbra Streisand will soon have her own book about interior design.

Streisand on singing? Let’s hear it. However, feng sheui seems a bit far-fetched.

According to Amazon, however, Streisand’s book is coming out this fall. My Passion for Designis Babs’ first book, and it seems like the fancy-schmancy type that you might want to put out on a coffee table. Of course, that is if you are eager to show the world that you trust Barbra Streisand for your decorating choices.

Inside, you’ll find an insane amount of real estate and decorations. The book promises plenty of architecture, as well as furniture, knickknacks, and even plush gardens. My house is barely worth the cost of the paper this thing will be printed on.

Of course, Streisand also spends a few pages pontificating about her childhood, her style, and even how she’s hoarded various items over the years — as well as what that means to her. In other words, fans will eat this stuff up. Why wouldn’t they? This is probably be the closest to Streisand most will ever get.

Just be prepared to pay for that privilege. Amazon is currently taking pre-orders for $38. Expect the book to hit the stands on November 16, 2010.

by Rachel Cericola

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