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Want to avoid spraying chemicals to rid your yard of weeds?  If so, consider the Sports section of your local newspaper.  Or any section, for that matter.

Unless your weeds are relatives of the Swamp Thing, they’re not gonna read the paper.  They’re just gonna die.

Placing several layers of newspaper over a bed of weeds deprives them of sunlight.  Without sunlight, they’re goners.  New weeds won’t be able to sprout for the same reason.  So, layer the newspaper over the weedy areas, leave it on for a few days, and when you lift it off,  no more weeds!

But, keep an eye on the weather forecast.  I would highly recommend using this method when you’re sure that it’s not going to rain.  We all know what a mess soggy newspaper can be.  Even when it’s comfortably rolled in the little plastic bag at the end of your driveway, a little rain turns your daily news  into a log of papier maché.

While I’m not sure how non-toxic the ink in newspaper is when compared to other methods of battling weeds (such as boiling water, corn starch, or salt), it’s gotta be safer than the ingredients in a certain top-selling brand name of weed killer.  At least newspaper doesn’t destroy embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells in human beings. For more information about that scary little fact, read the report here.

by John Barker

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