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I love our blog, but I love other blogs, too.  And I spend a lot of time cruising the internet and checking out what everyone else is saying.  Thought it might be fun to share some of my finds here on FIY.  If you like this kind of post, let me know. 

Comcast, I Hate You:  This is exactly how I feel about Comcast.  Once, after many days of frustration, I looked on the Comcast website to find access to any kind of local executive or manager, and I found a PR person, and I wrote her an email, and then some high-up tech guy called me, and came to my house, and now I have his phone number.  Comcast: 0  Me:  1

Fun on the Floor:  I really like the name of this website.  I was about to sign up for a free voucher (I’m not quite sure for what), but it asked for my “postcode” which is not the same as “zipcode.”  So, I guess you have to be in England.  Maybe someone else could give it a try? 

A Constructed Life:  Funny blog.  Plus a whole house renovation.  Plus a baby.   All I can say is:  Better them than me.

Have a great weekend!

by Lisa Oram

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