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Home Improvement – Duh!0

The TV show Home Improvement, starring Tim Allen as handyman Tim Taylor, is a shining example of what not to do when performing renovations of any type—anywhere.  And it’s funny!

The misadventures of Tim Taylor entertained viewers for 8 seasons—quite a long run for a family-oriented television series.  Tim was known, and loved, for his ineptness while using any type of tool.  Many times—actually most of the time—his actions would end in bodily harm, to himself or others.  I think it was some of the best slapstick comedy ever to appear on television.

For your entertainment (and as a safety lesson), I found a montage of clips from the show demonstrating Tim’s . . . luck when attempting home improvement.

Like the Roadrunner, this guy just never gives up – no matter what happens.

What I find scary about this clip is that I’m just about as bad as Tim.  I’ve fallen off of ladders, been hit by 220 volt charges (not once, but twice—and the second time it sent me flying off of a ladder), almost chopped my leg off with a chainsaw, walked into multiple walls, etc.  In hindsight, I’m glad I’m still alive.

One of the hidden beauties of Home Improvement is that it is a cautionary tale.  Watch the show—then do pretty much exactly the opposite of what Tim Taylor does.

You’ll live longer that way.

Have a nice weekend!

by John Barker

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