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EconoGreen Greens Up Your Trash0

If I owned my own amusement park, I’d name it Jig-A-World. Or maybe a strip club. (A girl can dream, right?!?)

Thankfully, someone already has the name, and they saw it a completely different way.

Jig-A-World is a company that makes automotive and home improvement products. Their  latest invention is an eco-friendly line called EconoGreen Plastics™. Believe it or not, EconoGreen products include drop cloths and trash bags, which seem like the most un-Earth-friendly items imaginable. Good going, guys!


According to Jig-A-World’s announcement, all of the bags are made from 100 percent recycled materials and are totally oxodegradable. That means they can break down within two years. Even more awesome, the company isn’t taking advantage of the green movement by expecting too much of your green. Prices for the bags start at about $3.99.

“Now consumers have an affordable option for green bags that they can use throughout their home without paying a premium or sacrificing quality,” says said Cindy Sutton, VP at Jig-A-World USA, Inc. 

Also pretty nice: you won’t have to scour stores or the web to find EconoGreen products. Just drive on down to your local Home Depot. EconoGreen garbage bags come in all shapes and sizes, from tall kitchen bags to the ginormous contractor clean-up style. 

by Rachel Cericola

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