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Need an Arm?0

The Octopus from Innovative Tools & Technologies is designed as a support tool for painting automobiles.  So, why write about such a contraption on FIY?  It never hurts to have an extra pair of hands in the garage. 

It’s even better to have eight extra hands that can hold something—let’s say a piece of freshly stained wood, for example—at multiple points to aid in the drying process.

Each arm  is jointed and can be angled into a variety of positions.  Swivel clamp locks adorn each arm to hold one—or several—items in place.  With the turn of a screw, the height of each bank of arms can be adjusted as well.

The Octopus is on wheels, so your work can be carted around the garage or house with ease.

This video, while edited together with the crazed speed of a movie fight scene, should give you a good idea of what this thing can do:

Oddly enough, the first use I thought of for the Octopus was to hold cabinet doors and a couple of lights to aid in doing fine detail painting.  Sort of like a giant easel. . . with eight arms.

The Innovative Octopus doesn’t come cheap, however: $359 + $20 shipping.

I wonder if I could order just one arm for 1/8 the cost?

by John Barker

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