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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Bosch’s Power Box Rocks!0

The Power Box™ 360 Jobsite AM/FM Stereo looks like the robot friend I’ve always wanted. It doesn’t make cute sounds like R2-D2 or crack wise like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. However, this box will rock your socks off as you work on the deck, the roof, the job site, or pretty much anywhere else. Basically, it will [...]

Snazzy Tubs0

It’s a girly thing to admit, but I love baths.  Don’t get me wrong—I’m not goin’ for any pink foo-foo scented bath salts and such.  But there’s something just plain awesome about soaking in a tub with a book or TV show and a glass of wine—or a decent beer (none of the light crap). [...]

Broom Groomer0

Okay, I’m just gonna say up front that I’m not sure what the benefit of this product is.  It’s supposed to be a “sweeping improvement” in dustpans.  But why is it called the Broom Groomer? Let’s check it out together, shall we? What you have here is a dustpan augmented with a row of rubber teeth [...]

Cynthia Rowley Pretties Up Your Toolbox0

Considering you are on, you may not know that Cynthia Rowley is a g0-to name when it comes to choosing an outfit or even a fancy handbag. You’ll just have to take my word for it.   And now, when it comes to running carpet, rotating screws, and cutting wire, the New York designer is getting into [...]

DESSO Carpet Makes Air Cleaner0

I get kind of grossed out when stuff gets trapped in my carpet. On any given day, I can find old dog food, Play-Doh, Doritos and other debris stuck to my socks. Ew. I don’t encourage or condone this kind of funk, but apparently, DESSO does. The carpet manufacturer has announced a new type of [...]

He said, She said1

Hey friends, here’s this week’s report from blogland.  I discovered an almost brand new blog called Meet My Ugly Baby, a 367 day apartment-flip project in Vancouver.  Today, and I mean TO.DAY, they get the keys and the clock starts ticking.   Any e-Bay aficionados out there?  There’s a great story at BossyColorBlog that features gin, a pretty shade of blue, and [...]

Cooking in the Dishwasher0

As a chef  (yep—I used to be a chef. . .now I’m just a burnt out husk of a cook), I’ve encountered a wide variety of bizarre cooking methods.  Like this one:  poaching salmon in the dishwasher. This concept has been around for a long time.  Horror master and brilliant gourmand Vincent Price apparently cooked fish [...]

Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite – Part 20

 Okay, we’ve already established in Part 1 that bed bugs are creepy, blood-sucking little bastards that sneak into your house via luggage or the random piece of reclaimed street furniture.  We have also determined that for some reason, these same disgusting creatures are of particular interest to blog readers lately.  The scary thing is that [...]

Vanilla Ice Raps for DIY Network0

During his 2004 stint on The Surreal Life, ’90s pop star Vanilla Ice was known for punching a hole in more than a few walls. Now, he wants to show you how to fix them. Vanilla Ice, whose real name is Robert Van Winkle, will front a new show for the DIY Network. It’s called [...]

Your Next Mower0

I suppose in some parts of the country, there are people who are counting down to the last mow of the season.  But, where I live in Florida, mowing the lawn is never out of season.  NEVER.  Lucky for me, lawnmowers are going high-tech.  I’m one of those guys who will maintain my van without a second thought; I’m [...]

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