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There’s something refreshing about lying in the grass. I’m talking about the fresh kind, not the kind with the big, brown patches.

Fung+Blatt Architects have come up with a little something to give you that feeling, even if patches of grass in your area are as rare as a unicorn. The company’s lawnchair is built entirely out of recycled materials, such as steel, rubber, and felt.

Well, not entirely. There’s also the green stuff. However, let’s get one thing straight: they are not recommending AstroTurf for your, well… AstroTurf. Instead, this lawnchair has a real layer of sod incorporated right into the design. This special treatment allows the chair to be as comfy as lying right in the grass — if your grass is shaped like a chaise lounge.

If you’re worried that you’ll want to move this thing into your home at summer’s end (it’s heavy, by the way; get some help) and soon have your very own patch of brown grass to lay upon, you’ll be glad to know the lawn chair requires very little maintenance to keep its green color.  A built-in “moisturizing” system not only keeps the chair hydrated, but also minimizes leakage. That’s cool, but I’d still keep it away from the white rugs.

Three bases are available, including a heavy-duty concrete base, a lightweight metal base, and a caster base, which is perfect if you want to move it around.

The one thing it doesn’t come with? A price. Fung+Blatt currently lists the product as “coming soon.”

by Rachel Cericola

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