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He said, She said0

I didn’t mean to, but when I shared some of my travels in blogland last week, I ended up with all “She saids” and curtains and pretty things. 

This week, I went looking to even the score, so I’ve got useless tools and gushing blood and unexpected floods.  Enjoy! 

Let’s start with Mark and Phillip. They are resurrecting a grand ol’ lady on 227 North Street.  Scroll down to the bottom of the August 4th post, and look at the photo.  That’s all I’m saying. 

Larry is an archeologist who muses about ancient Sumerian farmers while digging in the dirt around his turn-of-the-century Edwardian Foursquare.  Head back to his post on July 1  to read a Christmas-like poem he crafted about nearly decimating two of his fingers.  Funny guy.   

This guy, who calls himself LongToe, offers instructions for a good summer project:  making a stitch and glue kayak. Except that it took him 8 months to finish his, so if you want to get on the lake next summer, start it now. 

Toolmonger wrote, “Normally if I come across a tool that I can’t say anything positive about, I just don’t post it, but every once in a while something so atrocious comes along I have to share it.”  Wanna see?

Have a nice weekend! 

by Lisa Oram

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