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Just Say No to Crack!0

We’ve all seen it.  And like a car wreck or a penguin on a unicycle, it’s difficult to turn away from.

Picture the scene: your kitchen sink refuses to drain.  You try clearing it with a plunger.  No go.  You then use a little snake to hopefully rid the pipes of whatever hell-spawned blob is causing the obstruction.  Still no luck.

So you call a plumber.  And this is what you see:

Plumber’s butt.  And worse.  You know what I mean. 

I’m not sure why but plumber’s butt, also known as plumber’s crack, inspires more than a few people to take up a video camera and get creative—like this guy, who inter-cuts audio from the classic film, Jaws:


But not all plumbers have to be men, right?  Where are plumbers like this when I have issues with my kitchen sink?

I saved the best for last—but don’t let the kiddies in the room when you watch this:

Gah!  See, that’s more like the kind of plumber I’d get in my house…  Except he’d be in his 60s and talk incessantly about how he itches everywhere…

Am I slamming plumbers?  Hell no.  I respect them immensely.  That’s some pretty hard work, my friends.

And if we’ve gotta see a little crack to get the job done… well, I can think of worse things.

by John Barker

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