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Is There a Stripper’s Pole in Your Basement?0

This article is about Pole Wrap.  Don’t worry – we have drawn you here under false pretenses with a racy title.

What exactly is a Pole Wrap?  Sounds like the king of music you would hear in a strip club?  No. . . wait.  That would be Pole Rap wouldn’t it?

Actually, Pole Wrap is a nifty way to finish up a basement pole or lally column.  And it gets rid of the “stripper pole” look that nobody but the most die-hard bachelor would want in his home.

Available in Cherry, Maple, or Red Oak (or just ol’ plain if you don’t want to get creative), the Pole Wrap is designed for quick FIY installation.

Essentially, the product is an 8’ long flexible roll of wooden-look panels that wrap around the pole and is affixed with glue.  Cap and Base plates are available to thoroughly disguise the fact that you once had a stripper pole in your house.

So, you die-hard bachelors out there:  if you’ve met the right girl, this is the ticket to covering up the evidence of your past wild nights and make your basement into something that you can show off to the future mother-in-law.

And you can go even add a drink shelf!  Not a keg shelf, mind you.  Think cocktails and wine glasses.  


Depending on your situation in these trying economic times, it’s not too bad on the wallet:  the Pole Wrap with Base and Cap run around $100.   The happy mother-in-law:  priceless.

And you can always tear it off if you get divorced. . .

by John Barker

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