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I suppose in some parts of the country, there are people who are counting down to the last mow of the season.  But, where I live in Florida, mowing the lawn is never out of season.  NEVER. 

Lucky for me, lawnmowers are going high-tech.  I’m one of those guys who will maintain my van without a second thought; I’m never behind on fluids, brakes, oil, or anything.  But when it comes to my lawnmower. . . well, I feel sorry for the poor thing.  And Snapper knows that I’m not the only person out there who isn’t diligent when it comes to mower maintenance.

In collaboration with BMW Group DesignworksUSA, Snapper conducted research on what FIYers like us would consider to be the ultimate lawnmower.

The result is the Snapper NXT series:

While the push start button and the multi-notched cutting system are cool, there are some other features that are also worth noticing.

The walk-behind mower apparently responds to the “pace” of the user with something called the REACT™ Drive System.  This intuitive system senses your inertia and compensates the mower’s speed accordingly.

The riding mower offers a tight turning radius, an ergonomic seat, and really bright LED headlights.

What interests me the most, however, is an option that comes on both mowers: a dashboard with a digital display.  On this you will find information crucial to the mower’s maintenance, including oil, filter, and spark plug status.

The mowers range in price from $499 (for the walk-behind) to $2600 for the rider – unless, of course, you can snag an end-of-the-season bargain!

by John Barker

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