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Broom Groomer0

Okay, I’m just gonna say up front that I’m not sure what the benefit of this product is.  It’s supposed to be a “sweeping improvement” in dustpans.  But why is it called the Broom Groomer?

Let’s check it out together, shall we?

What you have here is a dustpan augmented with a row of rubber teeth in the back.  When you sweep dust into the pan, these teeth supposedly clean the broom’s bristles, which eliminates annoying dust bunnies the sweeper has to dislodge from the broom by hand.  I wish I had a hunting license to bag as many dust bunnies as possible.  I’m sure I currently exceed the limit and could get fined by the cleaning police . . .

Sorry… got distracted for a sec there…

The Broom Groomer is made of durable plastic with rubber on the grip.  A footrest is built into the handle—which angles downward.  This is something that makes a helluva lot of sense to me.  I hate it when I’m sweeping and the dustpan crawls across the flow with each stroke of the broom.

The Broom Groomer is available for pre-sale at Quirky for $9.99.  Here’s the design pitch—and the guy makes quite a good argument about why this is a great idea:

I’m sold.  And believe me, I need it.  The dust bunnies are currently building a warren in my house . . .

by John Barker

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