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Snazzy Tubs0

It’s a girly thing to admit, but I love baths.  Don’t get me wrong—I’m not goin’ for any pink foo-foo scented bath salts and such.  But there’s something just plain awesome about soaking in a tub with a book or TV show and a glass of wine—or a decent beer (none of the light crap).

But I don’t know if I could bring myself to even get near one of these tubs.  They’re just . . .too artsy looking to even be tubs – even if they ARE tubs.  Check these out:

SNAZZY TUB # 1: The WS Bath Epoca Free Standing Bathtub

That’s just plain daunting.  I feel like one of the King’s bath-boys would be hovering over me with some sort of tiny bath towel.  And the bathroom would have to be the size of a football field.

This sucker comes in gold as well.

SNAZZY TUB # 2: The WS Bath Milo Glass Bathtub

Yeah, I know.  WS Bath again.  But this thing is really cool.  You know it.  I know it.

But what wouldn’t be cool would be someone walking in while I’m taking a bath.  It would be like viewing a hairless albino seal through a viewing port at Sea World’s Seal Encounter.  Type that many S’s in a sentence and you know how serious this would be.

SNAZZY TUB # 3: Bagno Sasso X Line Free Standing Bathtub

Okay.  This is a bathtub I can wrap my head around.  Or sink my behind into. It’s somewhere behind the built-in towel and soap shelves.  In this case, the tub can be either freestanding or nestled against a wall.  And the taps can be mounted on the wall, floor, a Pillar column, or on the edge of the tub itself.

This is just the tip of the melty iceberg, if ya’ know what I mean, when it comes to the world of designer bathtubs.  I’ll be back with more!

by John Barker

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