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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Those Crazy Cats0

I’ve never driven a Bobcat, though I’ve been around them enough.  My most recent encounter involved the operator of one of these fine machines screwing up—and destroying my van. I don’t hold that mistake against the Bobcat.  In fact, I’ve recently earned more respect for the machines based on the kinds of crazy stuff that skilled drivers [...]

Tool Tip: Rollerwall0

Wallpaper looks nice, but it’s such a complete pain. There’s that sticky stuff that never seems to leave your hands or clothes, and the strips of paper that stick to the floor, the furniture and the cat. Paint is usually a lot easier, but doesn’t pack the same decorative punch.  Using the sponge-paint method provides [...]

Not In My Dining Room0

Not sure what you’re looking at?  Apparently, it’s a china cabinet. I know. I’m confused, too.  Polish designer Karolina Tylka  has created a mind-boggling alternative to traditional shelving.  From what I can gather, this cabinet holds fragile pieces of china between sheets of coated paper, folded and woven into sheets of glass that make up the [...]

House Hunting0

I’ve been house hunting lately, which got me curious about the houses of people who have a lot more money than I do.  Bill Gates, for example.  They say it’s a buyer’s market in this economy, so I figured if  Bill was trying to unload one of his properties, maybe I’d make an offer.  Who [...]

Look to the Light0

Want to turn your house into something out of a 1960s James Bond  movie?  If so, I think these would do the trick:   That blobby looking structure hanging over the furniture is an Ameba Light. Composed of five differently shaped modular components, Ameba Lights can be configured as large or as small as you [...]

Fixing the Roof0

I’ve been on my share of roofs.  Roofing is hard work, and something that many of us strive to avoid.  Even hardcore FIYers sometimes have to call in the pros. The last time I had my roof repaired, the guys making the big bucks stuck a 300+ pound giant of a man on my roof.  A little 95 [...]

He said, She said0

Tawk amongst yourselves . . .  I’ll be back next week.    by Lisa Oram

Cat Box Odors1

  That’s Buster, my 20+ pound cat.  He’s quite floppy, very friendly, and eats a lot.  And, like any person (and yes, he’s like a little, fat, furry person), when he eats . . .  well, let’s just say that nature runs its course. I have a litter box that is the size of a [...]

Aging – You and Your House0

By the time you hit your 50s, most people made a few major life investments. Unless you are a boat guy, I think of the big three as car, family and home. Apparently, one of those may need a little TLC. According to a recent survey by Saga Personal Finance, 34 percent of 50-somethings in the UK [...]

Tool Tip: Cut the Cord0

Power tools put some extra elbow into any project, but the tradeoff is often being tethered to the closest outlet, which sometimes isn’t all that convenient. Now, DEWALT plans to cut the cords on some of your favorite power tools, with its new 12 Volt MAX Lithium Ion line. Put away your miles of extension [...]

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