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Pet-Friendly Features Boost Property Value0

People are freaky when it comes to their pets. I’ve seen people carry their little dogs during the daily “walk,” little sweaters, baby carriages . . .you name it.

According to the latest report from Move, Inc., some of the latest, greatest pet features for the home include deluxe dog runs, custom dog doors, and private patios with personal fire hydrants. However, these items don’t just spoil Spot; they also boost your property value.

“Pets have become important members of the family, and their needs are often high on the list of must-haves for many buyers, sometimes even higher than priorities of the two-legged members of the family,” says Eileen Healy of Colorado’s Prudential Rocky Mountain Realtors. “Calling out features or local pet-friendly amenities can make or break a buyer’s interest in a particular property. If a buyer knows a home they love already has features the family dog or pet will also love, they’ll be more inclined to give that home a second look and consider it more than others on their list.”

Just a quick example: An Idaho seller is offering a heated doghouse as part of his $520,000 home package.

You don’t need to move or go doggone crazy with the budget to make your home four-legged-friendly. Here are a three of our favorite products for the pampered pooch.

PetZen DogTread Motorized Exercise Treadmill:   Fido doesn’t have to worry about bad weather ora bad owner. This treadmill allows him to walk all day and night. With prices starting at $550, there are treadmill models available for small, medium, or large dogs.


Autoelex Pet Pavilion:  This creepy little invention looks like a microwave for dogs — to cook them, not cook for them. Don’t get out the steak sauce. It’s actually designed so that Rex can relax or recuperate from illness at just the right temperature. That sort of pampering doesn’t come cheap or easy, though. Right now, this device is by inquiry only, but you’d better have $10K handy.

MTI Whirlpools Jentle Pet:  Most dogs don’t love to take a bath. However, very few have the Jentle Pet. Starting at $1,199, this hand-held shower and a self-cleaning whirlpool system also features five massaging whirlpool jets, shelves for shampoos and supplies, and a seat for your favorite human.

 by Rachel Cericola

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