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Things Not to Do With a Fish Tank0

Fish tanks are a beautiful and cost-effective way to brighten up a home.  But—if you’re stupid enough—they can get pretty darned expensive thanks to water damage.

Take this kid, for example:


Okay—that was an honest accident.  I suspect the kid will be more careful next time he’s flexing his massive guns around glass objects.

But this next video . . .well, some people are just stupid on purpose.  Best guide the kiddies out of the room for this one—it ends with a naughty word.  And if you’re in PETA, avoid this video altogether.

The results were predictable, though I thought for sure those fish were goners.  I like being wrong about things like that.

Then you have the random factor that is a cat.  As I write this, my 25-pound furry buddy (Buster) is trying to squeeze behind the entertainment center – and, like an octopus, he is somehow compressing his body to the thickness of a sheet of paper.  In other words, he’s succeeding.  And in a minute or two I’m gonna have to get up and pull his fat ass out because he’ll get stuck.  He’s done this before.

But I digress.  This next video shows you why I currently don’t have a fish tank:

That could have ended a lot worse.  If a cat the size of mine did that, there would be glass, water, and fish all over the floor.

I guess there’s a little lesson in here somewhere.  Buy a fish tank.  Enjoy its beauty.  But, unless you have flood insurance, don’t go swingin’ heavy stuff around it, blowing it up, or allowing your cat a preview of the night’s menu.

by John Barker

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