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Bookshelves have taken over almost every wall I have.  And while they’re nice, they’re not stylish.   Modular shelving, like these stylish Qubicles, would be really nice.

Sold in sets of three cubes, Qubicles are designed for easy arrangement and variability.  With an inner storage area of 8in x 8in x 6in, each cube provides plenty of room for books, pictures, CDs, or little glass unicorns.  The outer dimensions of each cube is 10in x 10in x 6in.

What makes Qubicles stand out among other modular shelving systems is the bracket system.  Once the bracket is mounted you can rearrange the cubes any way you wish—without having to use tools.  They simply slide in and slide out.

Multiple colors are available.  So, for example, you can change your Qubicle colors for the holidays.  Put up orange and black Qubs at Halloween to display mini pumpkins.  Change it up in time for New Year’s Eve. 

Sound great?  The tricky thing is this:  Qubicles are not yet available for purchase.  They are listed at Quirky, a website devoted to developing and selling inventions and innovations devised by people like us FIYers. 

The way it works is that Qubicles are available for pre-sale at $32 set.  When demand hits a certain threshold, the product goes into the manufacturing stage. 

More about the Quirky revolution coming soon. 

by John Barker

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